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Summary of Zuma’s Features

Audio-driven music visualizations. Any Zuma visualization automatically responds to any of your favorite MP3’s, CD’s, or even to any analog music source. Explore unlimited combinations of music and Zuma scenes.

Immediately experience and create. Effortlessly enjoy wildly entertaining, deeply moving, real-time interactive 3D music visualizations. Zuma includes a library of over 60 scenes complete with models and textures to start. You can easily edit and customize Zuma scenes to go with your own songs.

Keyboard controls and Magic Sliders. Jam along to the music. Zuma’s interactive controls can completely transform the scene in real-time, responding to your every gesture. Your gestures always add into the automatic music visualization effects in a non-destructive way, so that they blend harmoniously with the music. You can do no wrong. Zuma lets you become a real-time “3D VJ” that doesn't drop a beat.

Powerful Playlist Editor. Create Zuma “tracks” with their associated songs, scenes (or even banks of scenes) and their recordings. You can easily drag and drop the order of these playable tracks to customize your 3D DJ/VJ performance, or just for your personal listening/viewing pleasure.

Interactive Performance Recording. Record all of your interactive performance gestures. Zuma can automatically record all your camera movements, scene changes, texture changes, keyboard input, MIDI input, including all the ways these changes affect the live animated 3D objects. Anything you can do “live” and interactively in Zuma can be captured in real-time to a Zuma Recording which can be synced in playback with the audio source. And with Zuma’s Combine Recording option you can easily do complex multi-pass recording techniques for super precise and visually rich recordings that wouldn’t be possible with just a single pass.

Video Export: Make Movie. Even without a video deck or DV-camera on hand, use Zuma’s Video Export function to output at up to digital DV video resolutions, and with sync-to-sound capabilities. For the ambitious, the resulting .avi files can be burned onto CD or DVD, streamed over the web, and/or transferred to other media. Create your own 3D version of MTV-like music videos for your band, or just for the sheer fun of it (or both!)

Import your Images and Videos. Bring in your own images (.jpg and .png files). You can even apply .avi movie files that you’ve created. Put a picture or video of your band, your girlfriend or yourself into the scene. Zuma even supports Live Video (including over FireWire) as an input source for the textures of its 3D Models.

Import 3D Studio Max or WildTangent elements. If you have access to the widely available WildTangent, 3DStudioMax or Maya environments, you can greatly enrich your customization options. These environments’ 3D characters and 3D models can easily be brought into Zuma, with their attached animations. You can even bring in entire WildTangent levels and all their animations!

Special Models Included. The unique collection of programmable special models included with Zuma are fully parametric and based in mathematical formulas that represent pure polyhedral classes.

Import Direct 3D models. (Microsoft Direct 3D objects). Just drop them into your texture or model libraries. With the growing popularity of online 3D model libraries, you can add just about anything.

Auto Scene Timer. You can organize your custom scenes into Banks of easily selectable scenes for "on the fly” cuts, and to match up to unplanned song changes or individual song transitions. Or you can use our Auto Scene Timer feature to automatically step through an entire bank of scenes at whatever pace you select. Use Zuma’s banks to organize your scenes by themes such as Rave, Dance, Meditation, etc.

Power Editor. This intuitive authoring mode provides complete control, including to totally recreate or morph a starting current scene into your own vision or style and also giving you the power to build your own 3D Interactive Musical Vision from the ground up. So you want to design your own totally custom 3D visualization show for a rock concert tour? No problem! Zuma supports your rapid authoring of new creations that are sure to please the crowds!

Continuous Real-time Feedback. In the Power Editor mode virtually every parameter of every object, in every scene, is available for your real-time customizing or redesigning -- even while it is responding to the music in real-time! Whether it’s dragging your mouse to adjust one particular parameter value, applying new image textures, or inserting new models, you will always see the results of your modifications immediately, continuously and dynamically -- in the fully rendered, live Zuma scene itself!

Object Oriented. Zuma has a complete Object Oriented Programming System, with easy drag and drop functionality. You don’t have to write a single line of code. But this simplicity does not come at the expense of sophistication. You are not limited to just a few choices and limited effects. You can create complex musical/visual objects – including with all their interactivity (Animators, Sliders, and Switches) bundled with them -- and simply cut and paste them into different scenes to easily make entirely new 3D object combinations and richly multilayered Zuma scenes. The combinations are literally endless. Zuma represents the music/visual artist’s ultimate authoring environment. Jam and Create! Create and Jam!

Virtual Camera. You have full 3D control of the navigation of the Virtual Camera in your 3D Visualization scene.

Editable and Animated Lights. Zuma includes fully editable Lights (including parameters for brightness, color, position, etc) that all can be animated by the music, keyboard controls, or MIDI controllers.

Particle Engine. Zuma has its own powerful real-time Particle Engine that can be animated by audio sources and/or hands-on inputs. Now you can include fully interactive clouds, flames, plazma, lightning, fireworks, rain, mists, etc. You can even use multi-layered or live videos with effects for your “emitter” objects.

MIDI support. Zuma works beautifully with a wide variety of MIDI slider, keyboard and even drum pad controllers, such Edirol’s PCR-A30, Novation’s Remote 25, M-Audio’s Ozone, Akai’s MPD16, or Roland’s HandSonic,. Even experimental full-body, non-contact controllers have been tried with great results, such as BodyHarp Interactive’s “LightDancer.”

Full Screen Mode. You can hide the Zuma Main Interface controls, for enjoying the highest-resolution, full-screen Scene view (up to 1600 X 1200 depending upon your video card and CRT hardware.)

Full 32-bit Color. Even in real-time and in full screen mode, Zuma may be used at the maximum available color space, for visually rich scenes benefiting from the fullest gamut of hues and with the most breathtaking transparency. (Best results are obtained with higher-end graphics cards.)

WinAmp and Line-In Support. Zuma supports WinAmp versions 2.80 through 2.91 for playing your favorite CDs or MP3s. Do you want the DJ, your live band, or even your own voice singing or chanting to drive the graphics in Zuma? No Problem! Just use Zuma’s Line-In or microphone input support.

V-ADSR (Visual Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release) behaviors. Zuma includes its own unique time domain manipulation of visual parameter change envelopes. All Zuma visual behaviors may be driven using Zuma’s Visual ADSR curves, whether with oscillators, audio, MIDI or keyboard animators. This unique feature of Zuma yields ultra-smooth motions and consistently professional animation results.

Small file size. Zuma’s extremely small scene file size (often as little as 15k), plus it’s built-in .zip format scene and bank export/import function (often in the low 100k’s file size), makes it ideal for sharing 3D creations via email. Easily exchange textures and model resources to build up and expand your libraries.

Beyond the “Music Video”. You can use Zuma (with or without music) to create deeply powerful meditative spaces and truly beautiful unique 3D Art. Enjoy!

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Introducing Zuma
The stills to the right are from Zuma our revolutionary new 3d Real-time Visualizer for music and meditation. Now you can enjoy and re-create your own Interactive Music Videos that respond to the music of your favorite mp3's and cd's in real-time, automatically. You can even Jam-along Visually with the music in full 3d with real-time mouse and keyboard effects.
You will have dozens of cool scenes, models and textures to get you started. With Zuma's real-time Power Editing capablities you will be able to make your own unique creations. With Zuma you are the Director of your own cool 3d MTV like Music Videos. Get into your music like never before. Amaze your friends and yourself.